• We offer an approach to learning and developing skills in a manner that speaks to the many learning styles of the individual children we serve.

  • We offer a climate of care, and an environment that allows children to be natural, and show their unique personality traits without fear of repercussions.

  • Our program was designed in consultation with developmental/behavioral pediatricians from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC), Yale University as well as area  special education consultants.

  • Through the International Kyokushin Union (IKU) we seek to replicate success realized at the Avon, CT model      program and develop satellite K21 Kid Strong programs throughout IKU’s 20 national and 10 international affiliates. Through this design, a global program benefit for children with special needs can be achieved. 

  • ​​All board members, program consultants and instructors participate as volunteers. 

Why our program is unique

  • Children and teens with differing abilities that are need of support with physical, social and or behavioral development, ages 4-18.

  • Our participants live within the Connecticut Farmington Valley Area, and also travel from within the surrounding Connecticut communities of Bristol, and Berlin, New Hartford, and Norfolk.

  • Connecticut schools and districts represented among our population include, Avon, Bristol, Berlin, Farmington, Simsbury, West Hartford, as well as, Bottele School, Intensive Education Academy, Meliora Academy and The Focus Center for Autism. 



Who We Serve

​How we Serve

​​We see your child's potential! 
We provide
an open, supportive, yet structured environment for participants. Through our IKU (International Kyokushinkai Union) adaptive programwe help children and teens expand their strengths, yet also meet their needs for physical, social and behavioral development. Though no two children are alike, among the various skills that are modeled and developed through instruction are:

​- Appropriate social skills
- Respect for self, and others
- Discipline
- Self regulation and self confidence
- Fine and Gross motor physical coordination and strength
- Focus and attention to directives
- Multi-step tasks
- Turn taking

K21 Kid Strong Foundation, Inc.'s (K21 KSF) IKU kyokushin program, we seek to develop a holistic approach to learning and
self discovery that is fueled by a child’s internal motivations rather than simple task orientation and general behavioral compliance.

​One hour instructional classes are offered year round in a small group, private setting, 2 days per week to both elementary age children and teens ages 11-18.

Currently tuition is charged for class participation, to defray the cost of maintaining the facility.  Our long - term goal is to develop an endowment fund through broad based community sponsorships and grantor support.