Maurice P.  Andrien, III  is a Certified Insurance Consultant and was the former President of Strategic Employee Benefit Service and Principal of eBenefits Group in Simsbury, Connecticut. Held in high esteem for both his community and professional involvement in the insurance and employee benefits industry, Maury is a past President for the Connecticut Chapter of NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters). Additionally, he has served on the Broker Advisory Board for Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), The Connecticut Benefits Broker Association Board of Directors and is currently on the National Broker Advisory Board for United Healthcare/Oxford. After a distinguished career as an officer in the U.S. Army, Maury began his insurance career as a life agent with The New England and Mass Mutual.  Maury brings with him 20 years of experience in the employee benefits field, and a following of industry contacts, clients and friends.When not in the office, Maury resides in Bloomfield, CT and enjoys spending time with his two daughters, Ashley and Kelly.  Maury enjoys playing golf, tennis and coaching a variety of youth athletic teams.


Al Saavedra has been in the health insurance industry for over 31 years. He began a successful career as a sales executive with Cigna after graduating from Boston College in 1984. Al has had a distinguished career as a sales executive at Cigna - having qualified for the highest honor and recognition, Gold Circle, 12 times. As cofounder of Watertown Lacrosse Association, Al volunteered his time as head for over six years, Secretary and then President of the Watertown Lacrosse Association Board of Directors. One of Al’s passions is practicing Martial Arts which he began studying at age 12. He has studied Shotokan, Kempo, Kali and most recently Tai Chi Martial Arts. Al enjoys spending time with his four children who range in ages 18-24, practicing Martial Arts and playing golf.

Nahid Farzinzad is the owner and CEO of Shihan Skin Care in Avon, CT. She has developed an all-natural line of skin care product line called “Shihan” and has 19 years experience as an aesthetician, make-up artist, intra-dermal cosmetic technician and skin care specialist. She was born and raised in Tehran, Iran where she studied cosmetology. 
In 1984, she began Kyokushin training with her husband, Kaicho David Farzinzad, founder of IKU and Kidstrong Foundation. She is one of five women in the world and the only woman from the Middle East to earn a third degree black belt under Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin Karate. She has continually trained since 1984 and has learned an extensive amount from Kaicho David Farzinzad. In 2005, she was honored with a fifth degree black belt.

Stephen Eaton, CPA is a graduate of Bryant College and holds an MS from the University of Hartford. Stephen began his career in public accounting and became a partner in the firm of Smith, Eaton, and Company. In 1985 he joined the office of the Connecticut Attorney General in its public charities unit. He retired in 2012. .Stephen guided K21 Kid Strong Foundation during its' inception and was instrumental in helping the organizaiton  obtain its' 501(c)(3) status. 

President Emeritus
Philip Allmendinger, M.D. has dedicated his life to public service as a cardiothoracic surgeon. He was educated and trained at The University of Michigan and The Texas Heart Institute and has spent the majority of his professional years in practice at Hartford Hospital. Dr. Allmendinger was a founding member of the K21 Kid Strong Foundation, Inc board of directors and served as the organzation's first president.  Dr. Allmendinger has pursued additional philanthropy through an organization known as World Pace.  He has helped to establish this organization which provides reconditioned pacemakers to third world countries in a combined effort with the University of Michigan. He enjoys golf, skiing and IKU kyokushin karate and his two Australian Shepherds.

Vice President
Kristin  Gabrielson Garrison  was born and raised in Connecticut.  She pursued a career in nursing and earned her Bachelor of Science, Nursing from Saint Joseph College.  Kristin worked at Hartford Hospital from 1987-1994 as a registered nurse in both medical oncology and cardiothoracic surgery. Kristin has a parental understanding of autism spectrum and related disorders. She has studied International Kyokushinkai Union (IKU) karate at IKU headquarters with Kaicho David R. Farzinzad since July 2010. Kristin earned her 1st Dan in 2015. Kristin was a founding member of the K21 Kid Strong Foundation board of directors and has since served  the organization as a Treasurer, and Program Coordinator. 

John M. Garrison, MD  cares for children of all ages with and without special needs for both acute and chronic surgeries. He specializes in children with congenital heart anomalies.
His training included Wake Forest University Medical School, Hartford Hospital, and The Boston Children's Hospital. 

Dr. Garrison has always enjoyed working with children.

Our Team

Founder, President
David R. Farzinzad, Founder of International Kyokushin Union (IKU) Kyokushin Karate and K21 Kid Strong Foundation, Inc. is known to the kyokushin community as "Kaicho", Kaicho was raised north of Tehran, Iran, where he began athletic activity at the age of seven. At 16 years of age he began to practice kyokushin karate.Kaicho was an original student of Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama, founder of Kyokushin karate. At age 29 he became continent technical director. At the age of 30 Kaicho became the first and only person to have earned the title of 5th Dan from Mas Oyama. Emigrating to the U.S. from Iran in 1992, Kaicho went on to become founder of the International Kyokushinkai Union (IKU) in 1999 and based his headquarters in the USA. IKU’s purpose is to organize and promote kyokushin karate worldwide and to promote the teachings of Mas Oyama in their truest form and philosophy. In 2012, Kaicho founded and was instrumental in advising fellow board members in the development of K21 Kid Strong Foundation, Inc. In developing K21 Kid Strong Foundation, Inc., Kaicho’s goal is to accentuate and build up the differing abilities of others rather than focus on an individual’s disabilities or challenges. He currently teaches at IKU Headquarters and K21 Kid Strong Foundation, Inc. in Avon, CT where he has students of all ages and capabilities.