Ways to Get Involved
It’s all around us, be it our child, sibling, grandchild, neighbor, friend, cousin... It is autism spectrum and related disorders. It affects all of us uniquely. It shapes someone’s life we are guiding, a brother or sister we wish to share experiences with, a classmate who has trouble playing... It affects us but does not have to define us. We, each and every one of us can help make a difference.
​We can help support a program so everyone can feel competent, strong and self assured. Be it a gift given or a gift received, opportunities for support are varied, but all rewarding.

Some ways to get involved are:
- Tell a family member, friend, or neighbor about our program.
- Visit us on Facebook, Instagram. Like, follow and share our social media posts.
​- Donate specific goods such as gift cards to Staples for printing for office supplies, B & H, Home Depot for breaking boards.
- Offer your professional services such as writing, printing, advertising, computer, fundraising and event planning….

- As you are able, please consider making a tax deductible financial contribution directly through our website via our "Donate Now" button above or by forwarding a check to our address: 50 Albany Trunpike, Canton, CT 06019. Your kind support will help us to develop important like skills of special needs children and their families through our program, so they may reach their potential and contribute their gifts their community.